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Is Email Marketing Effective?

No matter what anyone says, email is not dead. In fact it is far from being dead. If you just look at recent research surveys you would be shocked to see the statistics, which tell that email is still one of the most prominent channels of communication. A lot of customers prefer communicating through email because they find it an easy and convenient way of sharing their concerns.

When it comes to email marketing, it is perhaps one of the most successful ways of product and brand advertisement. In fact it is one of the most important aspects of a good customer service strategy. If you still doubt the credibility of email marketing, here are some advantages of email marketing you need to know about:

It Is Affordable and Cost Effective

The best thing about email is that it is cheap and highly affordable. For small businesses that are low on resources email marketing is an excellent way of advertising their service and products to the customers.

It Leads To Sales and Conversions

There you go. That is the whole point of marketing in the first place that you want to attract more customers and increase sales. It has been revealed in numerous research surveys that email marketing leads to higher conversion rates and sales. When you keep your customers in loop about your latest products, sales, discounts and offers, they will respond back to your emails.

Emails Are Reliable and Simple

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to send an email. In fact it hardly requires any labor. It is a simple process that your CSRs can easily do without getting all tired up. A single agent can send an email to more than 100 customers so you don’t need a lot of people to do it. Other than that, emails are quite reliable.

Emails Are A Good Way to Build Customer Loyalty

There is indeed a positive correlation between email marketing and customer loyalty. Through email marketing you tell your customers that you have not forgotten them and by keeping them aware about your latest ventures, you make them feel special. You can be a little personal and informal with the customers to develop a more cordial relationship with them.

The above mentioned few advantages are enough to tell that email marketing is indeed very effective. It enhances customer experience, leads to product awareness, increases customer turn over and escalates sales. Need more reasons to get convinced?

In What Ways a Good Online Customer Service Pays You Off?

A customer service can only be considered good if it is delivered while keeping in mind, the contemporary market trends and it satisfies all the needs and expectations of customers. Usually, all the successful online companies devise the sales and customer service strategies, which offer maximum relaxation and ease to potential clients.

Online businesses are not thought to be as privileged as the typical brick and mortar stores, where CSRs can have one-on-one interaction with their customers, to convince them making a purchase. However, an e-business can take the edge by creating an enhanced customer experience which rewards in the following ways:

Builds Reputation

The only effective way for an online businesses to build their reputations, is to create a competitive customer experience. For this, there is a great need to pay attention towards providing multiple support channels like, email, telephone, live chat software and social media. By maintaining these channels in the right way, an online business can provide immediate, on-the-spot and real time assistance that ultimately leads to building an enhanced reputation in the market. 

Earns Lifelong Customers

A consistence quality customer experience can bring customers back to your shop. The easy way to win life-long customers is to deliver a seamless, real-time support to your clients through live chat software. The innovative chat solution enables you to interact with your potential client in a direct way. This way, you get a chance to resolve their complaints on-the-spot.

Gets the Competitive Edge

You can get a competitive advantage even in the cotemporary jam-packed market by going an extra-mile in serving your customers. By delivering an enhanced, seamless and real-time customer experience on your e-store, you can get an edge over your competitors. For this, you need to use all of your support channels efficiently and try to provide an online service round the clock; because the more you stay online, the more likely you are to earn customers and sales.  What more you can do is, maintain your social presence and provide your customers a good shopping experience, even on their smart phones and other similar devices because in this era of technology, the customers love automation along with a human touch.

Expand Your Online Business With Excellent Customer Services

Over the past few years customer services have rapidly evolved. From simple telephone services, it has now vastly expanded and now there are multiple modes of customer communication. However, despite advent all the modern tools of customer services, achieving customer satisfaction is not an easy task; especially on the online medium. When shopping online or browsing through a website, customers have numerous questions, which that they would like to ask. Often customers get confused and cannot find what they are looking for, because of which they leave the website empty handed. They might also leave their association with you if your customer services are slow or not convenient. Therefore, it is essential that you provide excellent online customer services, so that you may earn customer loyalty and trust. Just by integrating modern tools of customer services you will not ensure good performance. For that, you would have to work on strategies that certify customer satisfaction. Here are some things that you need in order to provide the kind of customer services that will help in the growth of your business:

Understand Your Customers

Your customer do not need technology, they need support. They expect you to be cordial, friendly, kind and most importantly they expect you to understand. When a customer comes up to you with a problem, you should step into the shoes of the customers and find the best possible solution for their problems. For a customer, knowing that you understand him is enough for him to trust you.

Help The Customers

Even if the customers are not approaching you, it is your duty to help them while shopping. Using latest online customer services tools like live chat software, you can track the movement of the customers through the website and can deduce whether they need help or not. Once you figure out, which customer is lost, you can proactively approach the customer and help him. Even when the customer approaches you himself, you should put all your efforts into helping him and guiding him in the best possible way.

Do Not Make Them Wait

Whatever mode of communication you are using, customers do not like to wait. They want you to be quick and they demand instant attention. Whether you are using live chat support or email support, you have to be quick in your responses. Otherwise you will agitate the customer and lose his trust.

No matter how advanced you customer service tools are, unless you employ smart strategies you will not be able to ensure customer convenience.

Tricks to Improve Your Online Customer Service

When it comes to describing the importance of customer service, it is equally useful for all kinds of businesses; however, the execution of customer service in online stores is totally different from that of traditional.

Customer service is what the success of your whole business lies on; therefore, you need to keep on discovering the ways and strategies using which you can create a sales generating customer experience on your website.

Here are some tricks using which you can improve customer experience on your e-commerce website.

Strong Content

Content is the ‘king’ because for a potential client landing on your website the most immediate source to get information is your website’s content. If you have provided the details of services and products in organized and comprehensible manner, it would certainly help a potential client to immediately get self-support.

A Helpful FAQ page

Suppose a client has some queries and concerns and for this, he is unable to find an answer in the content provided, he can go to your FAQ page and click on the relevant question to get quick the answer. Therefore, you should keep updating your FAQs on regular basis so that it can always prove helpful to the customers. A business can change its policies, launch new products and promotions; therefore, to change the FAQ section accordingly is necessary to provide accurate and relevant information to your clients.

Live Chat Software

While navigating through a website, a visitor needs a personalized support at one stage or the other, especially on the e-commerce websites. While making an online purchase, the modern-day potential clients want to interact with real persons so as to have a surety that they can come back and complain if they are not satisfied with a particular product or service purchased.

Make Your Website Fast and Easy to Navigate

Your web-user experience has a direct link with the online customer experience on your website. Suppose a visitor comes to your website, but he finds it too slow to navigate, he would quickly switch to a competitor with a better navigation experience. Moreover, your website’s overall designing should make the navigation easy because if a customer finds it too complex, he would immediately quit it.

Thus, using the above mentioned factor, you can make your online customer service a differentiating factor for your online business.

Four Business Tools that Can Scale Up your Customer Service Standard

Relying on one or two customer service channels or tools is not a feasible option in this era of tough marketing competition. Now the businesses, especially the online companies are carving out new ways, techniques and tools through which they can scale up their customer service standards, not only to beat the competition but also to become trendsetters.
Here are few business tools using which you can create a superb customer experience, even in the tough market situation.

Live Chat:

Live chat is one the top online business tools that has built high reputation in surging up online customer service trends. Although, it has been more than a decade, the live chat has been a part of online business world; but the popularity it has gained in the last few years, is tremendous. For its amazing features and economical purchase price, the tool has become a ‘must have’ part of every e-commerce website. Having this online chat embed in their websites, the online merchants can provide immediate, real-time and personalized service to their online clients.

Mobile Apps

Keeping the increasing usage of smartphones in view, the online businesses are shifting their focus towards providing mobile apps. Though, these apps are used for various purposes like for brand promotion and entertainment but the real purpose is to facilitate online customers to get live assistance on their handy widgets. Nowadays, the online companies are providing live chat mobile apps to facilitate their customers anytime anywhere.

Social Media

Having social media presence has now become a norm for every online business. With a strong social presence, online firms can develop instant contact with global customers. Moreover, by providing immediate responses to their customers’ complaints and comments, online companies create enhanced image of their online service. Even companies can invite customers for discussions with the purpose of removing their fears and concerns about a particular product or brand. Additionally, the comments, views and discussions also provide real feedback that can be used for creating an ever-lasting customer experience.


Use of newsletters is also an increasing trend through which online businesses keep in touch with their clients. Usually, the newsletters are sent to customers vial emails, which carry strong content regarding that particular business. The content may be in the form of new promotions, sales, discounts or any other useful information related to a business. Newsletters are valued because their credibility is much more than the traditional ads.

Thus, using these business tools, you can lift your customer service standard, in all market situations.

Proactive Online Customer Service –Tips from Experts

Online customer service is hard, because the clients are temperamental, they need everything according to their convenience and they definitely do not understand the problems an online company has to go through. Online customer care services have always been a terrible experience for the clients in the past and this is why they are hard-nosed when they shop online. The online companies have to through a lot to earn recognition in the market.
Proactive customer care is not easy; however, some of the business’ experts have suggested using live chat software in e-commerce websites as it can help retailers in providing proactive online customer support. How can it do that? Take a look:

Figure Out What The Client Is Thinking:

Customer Service is all about providing what the client needs. However, no one has the power to figure out what another person wants without any interaction. The online companies do have many hang ups because they do not have one-on-one interactions with their clients, however, if these companies incorporate live chat software on their websites, they can simply ask the clients what they want.


More than that, these companies can actually correct their weaknesses and make their services exceptional by taking customers’ feedback.

Be Transparent and Available:

Before the advent of live chat, there was no way through which vendors could indicate their availability but later with the arrival of this web-based chat application, a business’ availability can be clearly visible through online or offline status, on the chat window. The online companies have many ways through, which they can be available for their clients; these methods include online chat, instant email replies, etc.

Transparency is a scary thing for the companies. The online companies have had a hard time in acknowledging the fact that transparency is good for their business but live chat has helped online business to become more transparent for their clients.. Thus, having all their concerns resolved, customers will never hold a grudge against a company and the overall customer experience will be enhanced.

Reaching Out To The Client:

This is one simple, yet very helpful tip from the experts. They believe that reaching out to the clients using proactive chat support will increase customers’ loyalty and strengthen the customer/ company relationship. Reaching out is a simple method, for example, a company can send an email that informs the client that his subscription is expiring in a couple of days, or your company is providing a discount on certain products. These simple gestures can increase customer loyalty incredibly.

By following these simple tips from the experts, an online entrepreneur cannot only enhance his business but he will also increase his overall sales and profits.


On-site patient support is crucial to making the hospital experience pleasant. Therefore, the Dubai Health Authority has introduced a new customer-care initiative under the slogan May I Help You’. Emirati citizens who come to DHA hospitals and health centers for treatment purposes can now enjoy a real-time customer experience with the help of trained Customer Relations Assistants (CRAs), who will offer complete help to patients from the hospital registration stage to final discharge.


The CRAs have already been deployed at Rashid Hospital and later will be appointed at other DHA hospitals, including Latifa and Dubai. These CRAs will facilitate patients by addressing their queries on finance, administrative, insurance, location, billing and other on-site issues. In addition, patients and their families can use an online platform to send their feedback, complaints and suggestions addressed to the hospital authorities.

Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, Director General of the DHA, states:

‘Customer care is at the heart of the Dubai Health Strategy 2013-2025. Our aim is to create successful medical outcomes and hospitable human experiences for our patients.’

Other customer service initiatives being recently adopted by DHA includes distribution of android tablets among patients for easy access to health education apps, installation of electronic interfaces to measure customer satisfaction ratio, and development of a customer satisfaction index.

These initiatives would positively contribute towards creating an exceptional customer experience and would bring a significant change in the overall health care culture of the region. 

For more in-depth information about this initiative, please click here.

Three Things to Consider for Creating a Productive Customer Support Team

Customer support is what can make or break the image of your company or organization. An excellent customer support can give your company a competitive edge, even in the crowded market situation. A customer might find the same product on different e-stores but the force that drives him towards your company is your enhanced customer service.

This is the reason that most of the vendors especially, the online business retailers are turning their focus towards a most customer-centric approach. How a business can deliver memorable or differentiating customer experience? Foremost thing that an online vendor needs to consider is ‘selection of right support personal’. The quality of your customer support corresponds to the efficiency of your service agents. Therefore, a retailer needs to consider following points while creating a customer support team.


Is your selected customer service rep is efficient enough in providing email support. Is he capable of maintaining your social media profile?  Is he well aware on how to participate in business discussions on your social media page? Can he engage online customers through discussion? Does he respond promptly and efficiently to customers’ queries? Does he have knowledge of your industry and service? You also need to check whether he has any know how about the latest technological developments and terminologies.


You need to hire experienced persons so that they can better handle the tough situations like busy hours and difficult customers. Your chosen support agents should be efficient enough to provide support through different channels like – email, telephone and live chat. An experienced support agent would take less time to adjust in your working environment. Moreover, an experienced person can prove to be helpful in giving out new and innovative ideas.

High Personal Characteristics

Considering personal characteristics is another important factor that you need to determine while developing a team of experts. You need to consider how hardworking a particular team member is? Is he a valuable addition to your team for his high vision and friendly nature? Is he punctual about the duty hours? Does he follow your policies in true manners? One characteristic above all, is’ honesty’. Is he honest to fulfill his duties?

You cannot deliver a valuable customer experience until you do not have a perfect team of support personnel, every member of which possess the right skills, enough experience and high personal characteristics.

How to Put Yourself in Customers’ Shoes?

Why is this necessary for businesses to put themselves in customers’ shoes? This is perhaps the most realistic approach through which you cannot only truly evaluate your business success but   can also get a clear idea of what your customers think about you. Adopting this strategy, you can increase your business worth by meeting your customers’ demands and expectations in real manners. You can actually get an insight on how to develop your customer service and sales strategies.

Given below are some methods, using which you can put yourself into your customers’ shoes.

Have a Visit Your Website

Having a website is must for running an online business. Serving as a virtual shop, it actually provides detailed information about your products, services to your potential clients. Just like a brick and mortar store, a customer comes to your website, looks at the products, reads about the quality and prices, makes comparative analysis and then makes a purchase decision.

Call Your Customer Service Helpline

You just need to act like a customer and for that you need to dial your customer service helpline. Are you able to reach out a customer service agent in the first attempt or the helpline is busy due to overload? Are you provided immediate assistance or you need to stay on long hold? Your personal experience on your customer service hotline will provide you a clearer and accurate evaluation of your own customer service effectiveness. In the similar way, you can also check the performance of your other support channels like email and live chat support, if provided.  Is your live chat service fast enough to maintain the immediacy of online service? The personal analysis will also let you draw a comparison between your different support channels from customers’ point of view. You can better analyze which of your support channel performs better and is preferred over other channels by your customers. This way, you can design new strategies that will help you deliver a customer experience exactly up to your customers’ expectations.

Interact with Your Customers

The more you interact with your customers, the more you are to learn about their demands, expectations and concerns about your products and services. Having a face-to-face interaction with all of your customers is not easy; therefore, the best way to approach your customers for one-on-one interaction is to engage them on your social media business page. Here you can have more views, comments, complaints, discussions about your products. Moreover, one-on-one interaction will let you have the individual views of your customers.

Thus, by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, you can develop more productive customer service and sales strategies for your business.